Sushi, football, Rocky 4 and Bruno – get to know what Virat Kohli likes

Sushi, football, Rocky 4 and Bruno – get to know what Virat Kohli likes
Bengaluru, May 16: Virat Kohli may top the run charts for the country and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), but did you know that he’s a horrible bowler? There have been times when Kohli, who presumably tried to bowl medium pace, lost his footing at the crease and injured himself. Finally, Kohli quit bowling when it began to hamper his back, but the RCB captain says he would have done it if it helped the team’s cause.

At a promotional event for Tissot in the city, Kohli revealed a different side of him – a softer lad from Delhi than the aggressive batsman we know him as. Read on to know things about Kohli you never knew before!

Your favourite movie? Kohli: My favourite movie is Rocky 4 – I have seen it about 50 times at least. In that movie, Sylvester Stallone is down and out, but he shows willpower to get beaten further by the Russian. He’s ready to take the punishment and his never-say-die attitude stands out for me. That apart, I love the film’s theme song Eye of the Tiger. I listen to it before I go to play.

Kohli: I love to play football apart from cricket. I am a left winger because I am one of the fast runners in the team. All the lazy guys who don’t run as much will be waiting in the centre for my crosses. I am so crazy to win that I can’t control running back and retrieving possession of the ball. I keep sprinting up and down and that’s why I play in that position.

your favourite food? Kohli: My favourite cuisine is Japanese – I love sushi. When I am at home, I prefer a lot of spinach and sweet potato. I don’t cook much now because I don’t have the time. May be later……Read More>>

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