Salman Khan kickstarts Dus Ka Dum with tongue-in-cheek references..

Salman Khan kickstarts Dus Ka Dum with tongue-in-cheek references..

Salman is not new to hosting reality games shows. Bigg Boss is synonymous with with Salman Khan, just the way Dus Ka Dum has been, despite being off air for more than nine years.

Now, on 4 June, Salman returned with the first episode of the new season of Dus Ka Dum. The show opened in the trademark Salman way. The actor walks out to the set of the game show with the title track playing. The show is all about Salman right from the get-go. Salman takes his jacket off and breaks into the signature Salman Khan dance.


Next, we see a much serious Salman talk over a melodramatic piano tune about the time he first started hosting Dus Ka Dum. He reminisces about how people — like an old woman and several kids — started to recognise him as the host of Dus Ka Dum rather than for any of his movie roles. He goes on to list the names of his most popular movies, from Maine Pyar Kiya to Karan Arujn, and said that Dus Ka Dum overpowered all of it in the wake of its premiere 10 years ago.

Salman starts the show with a broken voice as a result of too much rehearsals. He says that he intended to pull off an Amitabh Bachchan with his faltering voice, but decided against it as Kaun Banega

The first contestant:

Abhishek Garg from Udaipur, Rajasthan is introduced as the very first contestant. Immediately, Salman slyly jokes about Rajasthan being his most favorite state; a reference to Salman’s frequent trips to Jodhpur in connection with the blackbuck case.

Next, on Salman finding out that the name of one of Abhishek Garg’s relative is Dolphin, Salman tries his best to suppress his laughter. After failing to withhold his laughter, Salman starts a conversation with the aforementioned Dolphin and asks her questions like, “Can you swim?”, to which Dolphin replies in the negative. Salman ends the conversation by saying, “Aap pehle dolphin hai jinko tairna nahi aata“.

The second contestant:

Shama Parween from Uttar Pradesh is introduced as the second contestant. Shama Parween belongs to a joint family of 33 people and this becomes a topic of discussion between Salman and her. Salman asks her what it feels like to live in such a large family, and goes on to joke about Shama Parween’s father-in-law and how he spent most of his time (as her husband has five brothers and six sisters).

The episode is full of similar Salman quips and witty observations what put the contestants in tough, awkward positions. It also has the token emotional moments where Salman meets fans who have waited for years to see him.

First round:

Paanch ka Punch is the name of the second round which is won by Shama Parween. The first round has five questions and Shama ends up winning Rs 1 lakh. She thus qualifies for the second round.

Second round:

In the second round, called 10 Guna Dum, Shama ends up winning Rs 6 lakh. This round has two lifelines — audience help and Dumdar Dayra. The contestant could also take help from their family members in this round.

When you answer three out of five questions in the second round, the Super Sawal gets unlocked. However, Shama did not want to play further and quit the game. She won a final prize money of Rs 6 lakh.

The questions:

Salman uses experiences from his personal life and from his career to make the questions clearer. The first question on the show was, ‘What percent of Indians believe “Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte“?’ Salman points to Mohnish Bahl’s dialogue from Maine Pyar Kiya to elucidate the question and lends it perspective.

The next question is, ‘Whatpercent of Indians sometimes sleep with their head on their mother’s lap?’ This question sets off a familiar emotional roller coaster where Salman begins to talk abut how he used to sleep in his mother’s lap.

The questions follow in a similar vein with some other questions being, ‘What percent of Indians have been chased by an animal at least once in their lifetime?’ (with the obvious blackbuck jokes), ‘What percent of Indians speak in their mother tongues at home?’, and ‘What percent of Indians have read their religious texts?’.

The audience had various reactions to the show over Twitter. Here’s some of it.


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